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Gent Kasmi, 26, Upper East Side Position: Maitre d’ at Le Bilboquet (20 E.

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A lot of people these days, they’re holding their phones when they walk in and they don’t even look you in the eyes.

Just say, ‘Good afternoon, good evening.’ ” Monica Alvarez, 29, Astoria, Queens Position: Bartender at Lavo (39 E.

58th St.) Relationship status: Boyfriend of 1½ years Best pickup line at work: “ ‘Hey, do you do squats? I was like, ‘,500,’ and he said, ‘I’ll pay your rent right now.’ And then he gave me ,500 in cash.

’ It was Tyson Beckford.” Number of date requests a night: “Ten. And then he left.” Fun fact: “I have a motorcycle license.” Craziest Lavo moment: “Witnessing sexual acts at the bar.

They’ll always be like, ‘I know you get this a lot . .’ ” Biggest tip: “This guy told me he would pay my rent . They try to be sneaky about it.” Neeu Qa, 24, East New York, Brooklyn Position: Waitress at Miss Lily’s (132 W. probably my legs, and on my man, his lips.” Tips for serving up sexy: “Being confident is sexy.” Brett David, 35, Lower East Side Position: Creative director at Rochelle’s (205 Chrystie St.) (he also tends bar) Relationship status: Single Tattoo nation: “I have 140 hours worth of work.

Houston St.) Relationship status: Engaged Personal style: “My style is very regal. So we came up with the way to spell it as ‘Neeu Qa.’ It’s ‘A Queen’ backwards.” Favorite body parts: “On myself . My most recent tattoo is a ‘Friday the 13th’ hockey mask on my kneecap that I got on Friday.” If a girl wants to impress him, order: “Coffee.

I mix a lot of things together, kind of like church mixed with runway.” Guilty pleasure: “Ice cream. And then I tell her, ‘We don’t serve coffee, but we can grab some tomorrow.’ ” Before Rochelle’s: “I ran a male model waitstaff agency for seven years. I haven’t been there yet.” Guilty pleasure: “Green-tea ice cream.” Joe Campanale, 30, Park Slope, Brooklyn Position: Beverage director/co-owner of downtown hot spots dell’anima, L’Artusi, Anfora and L’Apicio (he’ll make you a drink at the bar) Relationship status: Live-in girlfriend (she asked him out while he was on the job at Anfora) Turn-off drink: “Anything with Red Bull.” Fun fact: “I’m an avid runner.

My fiancé surprises me every week with a new carton.” Favorite food to eat in bed: “Ice cream.” Celebrity doppelgänger: “People call me Grace Jones. I hired and sent out male models to work catering events, including Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, where I ran and staffed the whole thing. I run the New York Marathon every year.” What he looks for in a woman: “They just have to be a good person. And they have to be able to keep up with me with eating out and enjoying food.” Favorite food to eat in bed: “Definitely cookies. Too much.” Zachary Berger, 29, Upper West Side Position: Waiter at Danji (346 W.

And sometimes I get referred to as Iman.” Say my name: “My birth name is Shanika Gayle. And I worked as Anna Wintour’s butler/personal waiter. ” What she looks for in a man: “Someone that’s kind, humble, charismatic.” Celebrity doppelgänger: “I get Halle Berry. They are two beautiful women, so I am honored.” Fun fact: “I used to work as a flight attendant for a charter airline for 8½ years. 52nd St.) Relationship status: Single Customer pet peeve: “Being treated rudely.

But when I decided to be a singer, my fiancé and I stayed up all night trying to figure out how to represent myself . It was a part-time, on-call position.” Customer pet peeve: “Women that just walk up to me in the bar and before they even say hello they just grab my beard. ” People are surprised to learn that: “I don’t drink, and I run a bar.” Daylys, 36, Kew Gardens, Queens Position: Hostess at White Street (221 West Broadway) Relationship status: Single Worst pickup line at work: “ ‘Hey shorty! People coming and thinking you’re their maid.” Hot tip: “I just try to be charming.

I think the more you try to get to know someone, the more people are willing to leave a little bit extra.” Aphrodisiac food: “Carrot cake.” Guilty pleasure: “Being romantic.” Celebrity doppelgänger: “People tell me that I look like a young Robert Downey Jr.