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Summer is supposed to be a sleepy time for the arts. The week has produced intriguing stories on everything from convention architecture to a notable woman conductor to L. Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne writes that the wicker weave set design, by L.

Miranda, staff writer at the Los Angeles Times, with a look at the top arts and culture stories of the week: A political stage that unified with pattern and pixels For the second week in a row, the nation was glued to the action at a political convention — this time the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

A.’s Bruce Rodgers, of Tribe Inc., served as the appropriate platform to bring conflicting factions together.

“The set design aimed to look one step ahead,” he writes, “ready to turn arguments seemingly at cross-purposes into a picture of diverse cooperation.” Los Angeles Times A woman takes the podium L. Philharmonic associate conductor Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla is headed to Birmingham, England, to take over that city’s orchestra.

But before departing, she led a captivating program at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night, conducting works by Beethoven and Ravel.

“The appeal begins the instant she proudly strides on stage, prepared for action,” writes Times classical music critic Mark Swed.

“The video cameras can’t resist her purposeful expression.” Los Angeles Times Swed also attended another compelling show at the Bowl: a one-night staging of Puccini’s “Tosca,” conducted by Gustavo Dudamel, which offers political themes that are in keeping with our time.

"Dudamel’s 'Tosca,'" he writes, "became a portrait in the inevitability of fascism’s enduring appeal." Los Angeles Times An auction house becomes a shadow bank Bloomberg has an intriguing report on the ways in which auction houses can be used to secure cash loans quickly and possibly launder money.

Sotheby’s, for example, was involved in giving Jho Low, who is at the center of the Justice Department’s Malaysian money-laundering probe, a 0-million loan.

“As prices for art skyrocketed, Sotheby’s and other firms have become shadow banks,” writes reporter Katya Kazakina, “making millions of dollars of legal loans outside the regulated financial system and raising concerns that such financing could facilitate money laundering.” Bloomberg L.

A.’s sprawling art biennial“Current: LA Water” is a new public art biennial that features a series of art installations by more than a dozen artists in public spaces around the city — from San Pedro to Granada Hills.