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Regenerate into your favourite Doctor with our range of new Doctor Who Costumes Packs arriving this month containing an assortment of popular Doctors, companions and villains from that have travelled from across time and space to land on Little Big Planet! Little Big Planet 3: The Journey Home launches today and we re-join our courageous champions of Bunkum right where we left them; just after they stepped into Newton’s Dimensional Doorway and were being zipped back home to Craftworld.

Sackfolk have been reporting some very unusual sightings across Little Big Planet of some Hidden Animals.Mysterious creatures that have lived on Little Big Planet for many, many years but have been seldom seen in the past... For the Play Station Portable game, see Little Big Planet (2009 video game).Little Big Planet 3 is receiving a grand makeover today with our brand-new Community UI that will make it even easier than ever before to find exactly the type of content that you’re looking for and to help you meet up with old and new friends alike for in-game activities!Take a magical trip to the seaside with the Seaside Surprise Level Kit for a grand ol' time and make sure to comb the beach, funfair and theatre for a collection of seaside and magic-themed goodies for creating your own levels.

Sackboy and Toggle head off for an exotic holiday this week with the release of the Tiki Paradise Level Kit for some grand adventures, exploration and to collect some souvenirs for creating their own Tiki-themed creations back home.

Little Big Planet and Steven Universe collide in our brand-new and exciting costume pack that sees the wonderful cast of Steven Universe meeting Sackboy and friends!

Steven Universe, Pearl, Amythest and Garnet can all be purchased individually or you can purchase the complete Steven Universe Costume Pack to get all of the costumes and a bonus Lion Costume for Odd Sock.

Sackboy and Sackgirl have always been rather emotive with a quick tap of one of the directional buttons but this brand new range of costumes will allow them to express their emotions at a whole new level.

Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust are all available or you can even become an imaginary friend for one of your Sackfriends by wearing the oh so colourful Bing Bong Costume.

Each costume is available individually or can be purchased together as a bundle in the “Inside Out” Costume Pack. It's time for more espionage escapades on Little Big Planet with the new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Costume Pack providing costumes for Sackboy, Toggle, Odd Sock and Swoop!