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Phone dating, also known as phone chat or party chat, allows single people to meet and become involved with other via text messaging or phone chat.

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They put information like age, gender and sexual preference and others can contact them if interested.

This includes information about what you are looking for in a date/partner.

Generally, normal text messaging rates apply, although most companies charge some fee for using these phone chat services.

Some companies even allow you to use GPS so you know when you are within so many miles of another person also using the dating service.

In telephone dating people ring a telephone number and leave details about themselves.

They are usually connected to other people that fit their preferences in their local area.This is a fairly popular way for people to meet as they can easily call a local telephone dating service and be connected with locals.There are also local phone dating lines where people are connected instantly to other singles to chat.This is slowly overtaking the old method of phone personals where it takes longer to meet someone.Party lines are fast becoming a very popular choice for singles.Basically, you are connected with many people in your area and you can chat with all of them.