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This is a review of the mlm travel called Travelution, but perhaps the first step in the review is to make sure you’re considering the right “Travelution.” There are actually two very similar sites and each are a different travel mlm opportunity.

This Travelution review is about Yourtravelution based in 3390 Kori Rd Suite 7, Jacksonville, FL 32257 Travelution launched in January, 2016 even though there were prelaunch actions as early as November, 2015.

Travelution Leadership includes seasoned network marketing veterans: Core3 Founders are those who got in early and are at the very top of the heap.

Travelution has some of the most charismatic Core3 Leaders of any Travel MLM you’d want to know. Frankly, all you have to do is conduct an internet search and discover the “time machine” of in’s and out’s these people have had with mlm products, network marketing opportunities, and direct sales.

(You’ve got to ask yourself, if the promise of life changing income is the same promise in all the previous pursuits, why do these leaders keep starting up even more and more different mlm businesses?

If they were giving up their positions at the top, then we could say they are being very gracious and they’re doing out of human kindness.

If they are starting serial, fresh opportunities about every two to three years, while leaving previous ones behind, what might that say about them and about their offers? Certainly that’s what you’ve got to consider if you continue contemplating any mlm or network marketing offer.

) Current: In these early launch days of February, 2016, (reportedly only 250 and growing rapidly) the push is to get in on the ground floor and ride the wave of mlm travel team recruitment. There you are, you’re the exception, but only because you’ve been willing to invite a host of non-exceptionals to join you.

Among the variety of presentations among the Core3 Founders (people who jumped in during the prelaunch and early days), the most entertaining (and I’ve seen a lot of them) has the following ingredients: There’s plenty more to this review that is all about Travelution, but, before we go too far, if you have a moment and are willing to rebalance the scale, you may care to look at this link. Yep, you get to the top of these things by recruiting a ton of failures, to personally get 3 people who aren’t failures you’ll have to personally recruit 100 people.

Basically, it’s a proven fact from independent sources that .3 to 3% of participants in any mlm or network marketing offer will succeed. Do you have 100 friends that you know will not be disappointed in you when they fail at what you’ve invited them to do?

Now, let’s say you are the .3 to 3% person because you’re just that good.

Do you really want to be part of something that most of those you introduce to it will fail?

Realizing you are the exception, how many other exceptional people do you really know?

Why would you want to invite so many people to fail?