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She claims she lives in Scottsdale AZ and is a gemstone procurer on business in Kuala Lumpur. One day, he told me he is on his way to Malaysia just to see me, the next morning he called me with a local number that he said he just bought and told me that he arrived in Malaysia, it's sounds strange to me, but I thought maybe he's telling the truth.

They will also give you a false SSN# for security which don't be fooled by this. I knew something is very wrong there, so I asked for prove that he is real, he raised his voice, I even offer myself to go to the airport to see him but he is making excuses, weird.

I withdraw from my 4-1k just to send it all to him. It was nice to hear all his sweet talks and love that he has to offer, etc.

He even call me with his UK number, till suddenly he told me that he is in love with me and that he can't wait to see me.

This is a scam from June 2016 I received a friend request on FB from someone by the name of Steven T, from Germany but work and lived in UK, divorced with one daughter. His photos shows that he is a decent looking man and looking for friends, I accepted his request and we have been friends about 3 weeks.

Then, the lady call me again and asked me to pay or else she would take actions and that I will also be accused of money laundering.

I asked for account number, surprisingly, she gave me a personal bank account by the name Khatijah, Maybank account.

She was very rude and aggressively asked me to pay, I knew that was not right so I agree to pay but I delayed the payment.

Then, the man call me again several times begging and crying for help, I told him I will help him, but I never make the payment, I deleted and blocked all communications with these people.

As crazy as it may sound but they are so convincing, these scammers are very good, feel sorry for those who fall for them.

God bless all of us My friend was wooed for several months by this man, who claimed to be Scottish and an owner of a construction company in Malaysia.

Supposedly widowed with a young son, he had arranged to meet my friend in India prior to 'marriage'.