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This site will be periodically updated with more information and corrections in my writing, such as spelling, commas and the sort that define creative and good writing. By his second wife, Dame Marthe de Resnel he had no issue. "Commanded the 32nd at the defeat of the Gwalior rebels at Cawnpore, 6th Nov. medal and clasp) "After his return, he printed a short history of defence of the Residency which was noticed in the Quarterly Review, Vol. He accompanied his regiment to Nova Scotia and to Staten Island in 1775, and later to Long Island where the American General Woodhall surrendered to him. Henry IV 1050 -1106 Holy Roman Emperor and King of Germany 1056-1106 who continually struggled for power with Pope Gregory VII. Parliament confirmed Henry's claim to the throne, thus establishing the Lancastrian line. David George De Lancey World Wide These other two will be published perhaps sometime next year or maybe within this last month of 2010. M.12-9-10, daughter of Furie Branche, Ecuyer, Sieur de Brean, whom married 15th April 1534. Charles III sixth Vicompte married; 1st, on July 21, 1569, Madeleine Le Brun; and 2nd on the 15th January, 1593, Claude de May. By his first wife he had Charles IV Seigneur de Cocquebine, created by the King a Counsellor of State in 1652, who died in 1667, leaving by his first wife, Francoise de Crochart, a son Charles VIII, Seigneur de Charlemont, who died unmarried, when this line of the whole blood of the eldest branch became extinct in the males; and two daughters, Marie, died unmarried in 1674 and Anne, wife of Antoine le Parmentier, Ecuyer, Sieur de Cauroi. She died in 1822 and was burried at Salcombe Regis, Co. Susannah De Lancey 8th, daughter of Stephen and Cornelia (Barclay) de Lancey, 1780, married first Colonel William Johnson of the 28th foot, eldest son of Sir John and Mary (Watt) Johnson and by him had three* daughters Mary, p.86 who died 1828, and Charlotte, who married Alexander, Count Balmain the Russian commissioner there, and died in 1824 without issue. "When Sir John Eardly Wilmont Ingles assumed command at Lucknow, on Sir Henry Lawrence's death, Lowe took command of the 32nd and held it throughout the defence of Lucknow. 1857 he commanded a sortie of 150 men who captured 7 guns, and the party sent out to bring them in, and was severely wounded. When the American Revolutionary War broke out in 1774 he was despatched to his native colony to arrange for the reception and remounting of his own regiment and of the Royal Artillery, both of which were to be despatched to the scene of trouble. He is also considered as Henry the Great and Henry IV. Henry returned, raised an army, and compelled Richard to abdicate. (continuing) They had three sons, Charles III and Claude, and one daughter, Barbe. Andries, County of Somerset, by whom she had a son, who died young and two daughters who were living in 1861. General Wheeler, on hearing p.87 the state of affairs at Lucknow, generously sent the reinforcement back some days later, and he thus escaped the Cawnpore Massacre. Henry of Navarre ~ King of France from 1589 to 1610, although he was leader of the Huguenot armies, when he succeeded the Catholic Henry III and found the Bourbon dynasty in 1589 he established religious freedom in France. Son of John Gaunt and grandson of Edward III, he was banished from England by Richard II, who confiscated his estate.

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"Gaston Jean Baptiste de Lancey fourth Baron and second Marquis de Raray married the 4th of May, 1660, Marie Luce Aubery daughter of Robert, Marquis de Valan and had two sons: 1. His record followed John De Lancey the reputed natural son of Barrack-Master General Oliver De Lancey is supposed to have been born in New York in 1776. (18th March, 1809 to 26th May, 1800) and Privy Councellor of Great Britain. Married Robert Dickson a United Empire Loyalist who after his arrival in Nova Scotia became High Sheriff of Annapolis County. Shortly after the peace of 1783, Frederick the Great ordered a grand review of the Prussian army on the plains of Potsdam Sir Dundas obtained permission to be present on the occasion.Charles Henri de Lancey third Marquis, made a page to the King, Louis XIV, in 1679, who died unmarried. Gaston Jean Baptiste de Lancey-Rary fourth Marquis, who likewise died unmarried. "DELANCEY BOOK" Continuing from above 12-7-10 They had five sisters: Henriette, married to the Marquis de Crevecoeur, and died without issue: Catherine married the Seingneur de la Billarderie and died without issue: Francoise 2nd and Annette who both died unmarried; and Marie Luce de Lancey-Raray who married on the 26th February, 1696, Jean Francois, Compte de Nonant. He was however educated in England and entered the British Army as ensign in the 20th regiment 16th April 1795, transferred to the 17th Dragoons as Cornet, 10th February, 1796, lieutenant 28th December of same year, captain 17th Leicester 14th May, 1801, captain, 20th Jamaica Dragoons, 25th June, 1803, major 25th same date, and died in Egypt in 1807. Gallway was at the time of his marriage one of His Majesty's council for the Island of Antigua. He was considered the greatest military tactician of his age, and his record, one of the most interesting and romantic of the British Army. Jones in his "History of New York during the Revolutionary War states that when Charlotte De Lancey took flight from "Bloomingdale" on the night that residence was burned by the rebels, she carried with her her brother's child, an infant in arms, and held it safely to her lap the whole time. He entertained the Duke of Kent on his visit to the town of that name, to which he and his staff had ravelled on horseback the opening measure with His Royal Highness at the ball given to his honour. He published his system of the foundation of military tactics in 1788 titled "Principles of Military Movements", an infantry capability.Both of these brothers died in 1680, and with their death the youngest branch became extinct in the males. p.m. With her as the last of her family he also took the name of Raray, and uniting it with his own became Compte de Nonant-Raray. Feb.22nd,1917 ~~~~~'.' ***The children of James Boyle Uniacke and Lidia (Burbidge) De Lancey were: '~1. He appears to have acted as Assistant Barrack-Master General to his father at various times between 17. Gallway but died without issue, and the baronetcy passed to the Payne's, through the marriage of Margaret Gallway to Ralph Payne, 3rd Baronet as Payne-Gallway. Charlotte De Lancey* the fourth daughter married after the death of her father. This could have been none other than he who afterwards became Sir William Howe De Lancey, although the date of his birth is given as 1778, that is unless the year given for the birth of his sister 1780, is wrong and she was the elder child. George III accepted this by dedication of Sir David Dundas and it was in full use for the army in June 1792. The next 18 entries are taken from ____ Peerage of France ~ Pairie de France was a distinction within the French nobility which appeared in the Middle Ages.Hello this is David George De Lancey this site is of anything to do with the term Anciently and De Lancey. My mothers side of the family are residing in Massachusetts, Arizona, and Florida. His descendents, as Protestants, being civily dead and not appear in the French genealogies subsequent to the beginning of the seventeenth century. He was then placed on the staff as Deputy Quarter-Master General to the force sent to South Carolina, served at the capture of Charleston and then became A. He was promoted lieutenant-colonel 17th Dragoons, 3rd Oct. He died while visiting his sister, Charlotte Lady Dundas at her seat, *"Beechwood" near Edinburgh Sept, 3rd 1822,* and lies buried in the cemetery attached to the church of St. p.90 Savary in his History of Annapolis County states that he had two natural children a son and a daughter who were both accepted in society, and Leslie Stephen in his "National Biographer" claims that Oliver De Lancey the younger, "Knight of San Fernando" was this natural son. he received a commission January 1756 as lieutenant in the engineers, and in 1759 was appointed to a troop in the first light dragoons, raised by Colonel Elliot, afterwards Lord Heathfield, with whom he served in Germany.My interests are Art Economics History in that order. My mother's maiden name is Clotilde Corvello unfortunately she and my father Arnold Holbert De Lancey Jr. I also have a brother who passed who was a year younger than me, born . She has three other living sisters alltogether there were five sisters and two brothers, my two uncles live in Arizona and Florida. " Ecuyer, Vicompte de Laval et de Nouvain, above named, the first of the youngest branch in France, was created Baron de Raray (sometimes spelt Raret, Rare and Rarai) a dependency of Dravegny, in the Duchy of Valois, one of the four "barronies vassales" of the Bishopric of Senlis. 1781, and retired to England with his father on the conclusion of peace. for Maidstone, September 1796 (a seat which held till 1802). In reality the "Knight of San Fernando", was a son of John and Carloine (Carey) De Lancey of Guernsey. In 1762 he accompanied Colonel Elliot as his aid-de-camp, in the expedition sent out against the Spanish settlements in the West Indies, under the command of the earl of Albermarie, and was present at the reduction of the island of Cuba.

My two brothers and I were born in the sixties, we would have been all in the same month though unfortunetly I was born in the tenth month of my mothers pregnancy; which is ok by me I like December. ", born 1663 came to New York in 1686 was the ancester of the Huguenot, or second line of the elder branch. He married a daughter of Colonel Basil Jackson who had served as a junior officer in the Quarter Master General's department under Sir Hudson Lowe at st. He commanded the outposts in front of the New York lines from the middle of 1778 to the end of 1779. to Lord Cornwallis, and eventually succeeded Major Andre as Adjutant-General to the Army at New York. Sacred "to the memory of General Oliver De Lancey Colonel of the 17th Regiment of Dragoons who died in the 70th year of his age while on a visit at "Beechwood" to his sister, Lady, Dundas, the 3rd day of September, 1822. He entered the military under his uncle General David Watson, being appointed to the quarter-master-general department.

They all were born in the United States, her parents were born in Portugal. He married 1st married 11th November, 1619, to Charles de Marnay, Seigneur de Montchevreuil Henry, his son; Gaston and his brother Charles were maternal cousin of the famous madame de Sevigne', and as such signed the contract of marriage of her daughter with the Compte de Grigman, and were present at the ceremony. The King appointed him, on Lord Sydney's recommendation, to settle the civil and military claims of the loyal Americans, and head of a commision for settling all army accounts connected with the American War. he was made Deputy Adjutant-General at the Horse Guards. Lieutenant-General January 1st 1801, and General, 25th April 1808, and A. His reputed natural son was the John De Lancey who was his Asst. He became major of the 15th dragoons, May 28, 1770 and lieutenant-colonel of the 15th dragoon guards.

My Dad's This site was created on 9-14-2010 at aprox P. who married Louis des Acres, Marquis de L'Argle and died at Paris on the 27th August 1724, aged 82 years. 1876 married to Stuart Theodore Hanger (1st) had tow sons. In 1792 he was made Barrack-Master General and on 23rd May, 1795, King George III gave him spontaneously, the Colonelcy of the 17th Dragoons, in succession to the Duke of Newcastle. Barrack-Master General from 20th August, 1799, to his death. In February 1781 he was promoted to the rank of Colonel, at which time he held the appointment of adjutant-general.

This site was first published to the web 12-5-2010 within the 7th hour P. This Charles Ambroise married, 9th January 1702, the Demoisselle Marie Madeleine Labbe', and had only one child, a son, Pierre Charles de Lancey Ecuyer, Seigneur de Neville et de Blarus, born 5th June, 1707, who died without issue in 1750, when this line of the half blood of the eldest branch became extinct. He retired on Half-pay, 1872, Major-General 1877, and died in London, England, 21st October 1880. Was in temporary command of the 17th Dragoons, the only cavalry regiment in America, at the battle of Monmouth Court House. He entered the army in 1752 instead of pertaining a medical profession.

There are going to be multiple pages here and alot of information. He had one son Charles Ambrose De Lancey, Ecuyer, Seigneur de Neville et du Coudai, who was confirmed in the possession of his nobility by an 'arret' or decree of the King in Council, of November 30th, 1697, in consequence of the proof of the descent then made; which declared that 'la Maison de Lancey' was maintained in its 'noblesse' and its members recognized as 'nobles d' ancienne extraction'; and as much of right enjoyed, and were entitled to all the privileges belonging to the "noblesse" of France. Lowe afterwards command in succession the 2nd Battalion 21st Royal North British Fusiliers (1859), and the 86th County Down Regiment, 1863, and the 83rd Royal Irish Rifles, February, 1867. He was educated in Europe and entered the English Army as a cornet in the 14th Dragoons 1st Oct. He covered the rear of Knyphausens ' column in his retreat from Philadelphia while holding that rank. His mother was Margaret, daughter of Robert Watson of Muirhouse.

Thank You, Yours Truely, Your Humble Servant, In The Most Regards, Till Next Time and whatever else may come at the end of my Paragraphical Ventures, as usual just the date and time, I think that's important. Charles III by his second wife Claude de May had Charles de Lancey, Sieur de Suine et ne Neville, Councellor of the King in 1654, Antoine, a Canon of the Cathedral of Laon, and, of course unmarried, and Claude, Charles Sieur de Suine et Neville, married 25th June 1653, Jeanne de Ysore, and died 23rd November, 1689, aged 78 years. 1857 and during the campaign in Oude July, 1858, to January, 1859. CIII, and was largely quoted in the "notes" in the history of the 32nd Light Infantry in Colburn's United Service Magazine, 1880. Oliver De Lancey 2nd the second son of Brigadier- General Oliver and Phila (Frank) De Lancey, was born in New York in 1749. He command the right column of the English Army under Sir Henry Clinton and Sir William Erskine at the battle of Brooklyn, served at the capture of New York and battle of White Plains and was promoted to Major in his regiment, 3rd May 1778. Twice excommunicated, Henry appointed an antipope (1084), had himself again crowned emperor, invaded Italy, and was ultimately dethroned by his rebellious sons. Sir David Dundas ~ British General, third son of Robert Dundas merchant of Edinburgh was born in the city of Dundas in 1735.