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Which raises the inevitable question, why does Olsen need immunity?It could plausibly be significant that Olsen denies a connection to only those drugs found at the home and in Ledger's body, such as Oxy Contin.

Who wants to get tied up in an investigation into recreational celebrity drug use that's going to shed little, if any, new light on Ledger's death?

In that sense, the carefully written, just-broad-enough statement from Olsen's lawyers does a brilliant job of shoring up the actress' reputation while keeping the authorities at arm's length. If the feds can compel the testimony they need, why would they bother negotiating?

UPDATE: As the notes, the AP story also quotes an anonymous official stating the feds have a subpoena that "could force" Olsen to appear before a grand jury if negotiations fall through.

After finding Heath Ledger's lifeless body tucked under the sheets in his luxury So Ho loft, a panicked masseuse twice speed-dialed Mary-Kate Olsen before getting help, police said Wednesday."I think he might be dead. " masseuse Diane Lee Wolozin finally shouted at the celebrity twin as the hard-partying Ledger's corpse lay motionless.

"I already have people coming over," Olsen replied, according to police sources.

The frenzied phone calls from Apartment 4 came as the "Brokeback Mountain" star lay naked and facedown in a bedroom filled with sleeping pills and anti-depressants. Police are awaiting toxicology reports but are investigating the case as a possible drug overdose.

Twenty-four hours after the sudden and stunning death of the 2006 Oscar nominee, police detailed a bizarre sequence of events that included Wolozin setting up a massage table near Ledger's body.

Despite tabloid speculation, Mary-Kate Olsen had nothing whatsoever to do with the drugs found in Heath Ledger's home or his body, and she does not know where he obtained them. Interesting that Olsen is requesting immunity from the Drug Enforcement Administration while denying so many possible drug charges!

Regarding the Government's investigation, at Ms. Olsen's request, we have provided the Government with relevant information including facts in the chronology of events surrounding Mr. Of course, a media release is not a binding legal declaration, despite the fact that it was issued by the actress' attorney.

We don't know the source of the information being quoted in the media regarding the Government's inquiry, but these descriptions are incomplete and inaccurate.

But the breadth of her public denial, and the likely damage to her reputation if it was later found to be false, do make it seem unlikely Olsen has a connection to the drugs that killed Ledger, and make it at least less likely that her bodyguards tampered with the crime scene.