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"Teens are incredibly social, and Facebook plays a huge role in their love lives," says Ann Shoket, editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine.According to the study -- which polled 10,000 guys and girls ages 16 to 21 -- Facebook plays an important part in how amorous teens make a connection.

As we have already seen in other studies, Facebook also plays a role in how we fall out of love.Mashable writer Samuel Axon wrote a detailed feature about how Facebook has changed dating for the worse, Facebook dating app Are You Interested released a study in which 21 percent of respondents said they would break up with someone via changing their statuses, and, most recently, infographic wizard David Mc Candless came out with a chart that shows popular breakup periods by way of status updates.Seventeen, for its part, reports that 10 percent of people have been dumped over Facebook, and the same number would just change their relationship status to "single" to cut a lover loose.Mashable’s Ben Parr discusses how Facebook can dominant the online music market by continuing with live video streams, as was done with the Jonas Brothers event that was powered by Ustream. Mashable, with the help of, gathered the most commonly used phrases and activities from daters in each of the 50 states.

The words definitely say a lot about the people in each state.It was easy to guess which words were paired with some states.For example, Hawaii’s most used word is ‘surf,’ and Florida’s hot word is ‘Disney.’ What is the word that New Jerseyans like to include in their profile?According to the map, it’s ‘lounge.’ Will you include this word in your profile next time you sign up for a dating site? (Mashable) -- There's no denying that Facebook has had an impact on the way the younger set flirt, fall in love and break up.Now, Seventeen magazine has released a study that depicts just what kind of repercussions the social networking site has had on modern courtship.