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While Math Smith will not come back in "Doctor Who," he did, however, indicated that there may be some changes within the show.

"I think a Lady Doctor could be close," Smith said.

Matthew Robert Smith, more commonly known as simply Matt Smith, is an English actor.

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After encouragement from his drama teacher, he joined the National Youth Theatre.

He studied at University of East Anglia, reading Drama and Creative Writing. Matt Smith appeared opposite Billie Piper (who played former companion Rose Tyler) in The Ruby In The Smoke, The Shadow In The North, and Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.

On stage, he was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award for That Face in 2008.

According to Steven Moffat, Matt Smith misses the show and that he wishes that he did not leave in the first place.

This, however, created further speculations that Math Smith would come back and just continue where he left off.

The 32-year old Smith, however, denied that he would be returning to "Doctor Who" although he had recently spoken his regrets about leaving the show.Steven Moffat even described his move as a difficult time."Matt, who was a friend and ally was leaving," Moffat said. It felt like everything was blowing up around me." "Doctor Who" No 11, however, confirmed in a live blog for The Guardian that he is not coming back as "Doctor Who." "No it's not true," Smith said."I miss everything, I miss Steven, I miss Karen, I miss Arthur, I miss Jenna, I miss time travelling.And I miss my friends in Cardiff." "But onward goes the march, It's Peter's Tardis now," Smith continued. So I watch as a fan." According to Wales Online, if Matt Smith agrees to come back to "Doctor Who," he would be the first of all the 12 Doctors to experience a second regeneration since the show first came in 1963.Peter Capaldi who is filming now in South Wales is also reported to leave the show after "Doctor Who'" release in 2017.