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Law enforcement officials nab the New York/New Jersey bombing suspect after finding him passed out in a hallway outside a bar.

Trump gleefully does a “told ya so” in that childlike way that only Trump does, while Chris Christie defends Trump for announcing it was a terrorist bombing before any facts were actually known.

Hillary Clinton reaches out to millennial voters and urges them to vote not just against something they dislike, but for something they believe in, while guest Charles Pierce argues that this election is definitely not about picking from the “lesser of two evils.” The massive gas pipeline spill in Alabama is having a ripple effect throughout the southeast, causing gas prices to skyrocket and some gas stations to go dry.

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Besides football, snacks and over-the-top halftime shows, the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. Nearly every year, some brand gets banned from airing during the big game because it's too sexy, too weird or too offensive -- or violates rules of a network or the NFL.

According to Entertainment Weekly, some of the more controversial spots sometimes weren't even formally submitted for the expensive airtime.

Others, such as PETA ads promoting vegan sex, likely didn't even expect to get approval and instead sought infamy on the Internet.

PETA (2016) Similar to 2009's racy "Veggie Love" ad, PETA argues that vegetarians have better sex -- this time by overtly showing two couples having loud, hot sex and one lasting much, much longer.

» WARNING: The link includes graphic videos that may be inappropriate for younger viewers.

Soda Stream (2014) Scarlett Johansson drinks a beverage from the seltzer maker, then says "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi." The ad was originally banned (Pepsi sponsors the Super Bowl halftime show) but it ended up airing after the line was cut.Jesus Hates (2011) A mini Jesus figurine sends a Pres.Obama bobblehead into a fish tank to promote the novelty t-shirt and hat maker.According to the New York Daily News, the network airing the Super Bowl that year (Fox) said it was "not acceptable to air." Bud Light - Good Dog (2006) One man's dog fetches a beer from a cooler.His friend's dog fetches the same Bud Light by biting the first man in the crotch. Other Bud Light ads axed include a "clothing drive" that ends up in nudity and an "apology bot" for a sex tape.Go - Wardrobe Malfunction (2005) A curvy model has her own wardrobe malfunction, a year after the Janet Jackson incident, while promoting the website hosting company.