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The world of dating has moved on from the days of proudly declaring you have a GSOH.Mostly because we don’t need to stick to the word limit for newspaper ads.

Maybe don’t say anything offensive in your opening statement.Make sure you actually e Harmony says the most and least attractive words have changed quite a bit since the last time they did similar research, proving that you really can’t just rely on the same one-line bio you’ve been using for the last five years – as hilarious as it may be.‘Within just two years the Top 10 most popular words changed drastically, especially in terms of what men are looking for in a partner.’ The word ‘funny’, for example, was in the top ten for men and women in 2014.Now, it’s dropped out of the list for both, probably because we’re expecting people to Being a good listener, for example, is a wonderful thing.But when you mention being a good listener in your Tinder profile, it feels like you’re trying to say what dates want to hear.

If you’re a good listener, show people, don’t tell them.

Spiritual people, however, are clearly not welcome in the world of online dating.

When US Census is collected, the data paints a certain picture of the country — we learn about age ranges, population sizes and common professions. Luke Dubois, an artist, composer and professor of digital media, wanted to track Americans in a different way.

Dubois, who creates interpretive representations of data, decided in 2010 to map the United States based on the words used in online dating profiles.

So he signed up for 21 different online dating services — from to e Harmony — and programmed an automated system to create profiles in every zip code of the country.

Then he used a spider — a specialized program that crawls the entirety of a site and downloads all the information within it — to download all the profiles of potential matches.