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The condition is that all worksheets need to have identical columns.

The SQL Add In will create a SQL query that can be refresh at any time.

The output will include values of 1 in columns where there a differences between the worksheets and values of 0 where both worksheets are identical.

To import (and link) an external worksheet simply click on to modify the SQL query or modify the query properties.

Although much underestimated, SQL is powerful stuff, especially in Excel.

Hence, creating MS Query Tables or executing simple SQL Commands like UPDATE is obscured and hard to use on a daily basis. The Excel SQL Add-In, from Analyst Cave.com, is a free and open source (entirely VBA) Add-In with no locked features, that facilitates the process of creating custom SQL queries (MS Query) based on the OLEDB Data Drivers.

What is more, the SQL Add In is equipped with predefined quick SQL queries for certain jobs e.g.

like merging worksheets or comparing worksheets (diff – finding differences).Excel is basically an easy to manipulate, loosely coupled database. Often many reach out to VBA macros, complicated Pivot Tables or simply complex Excel formulas to achieve tasks that would be otherwise simple if we looked at Excel from the perspective of an SQL database. Many of you probably don’t know that Excel actually supports SQL queries!If you still don’t understand the opportunities – read on, as you are in for a treat.Using SQL in Excel will allow you to process data queries in seconds compared to VBA code which might even process data in an hour!To make SQL more easily accessible in everyday tasks I created this Excel SQL Add-In, which basically replaces the somewhat cumbersome From Microsoft Query wizard available from the Data ribbon tab.If you want a quick peak into the SQL Add In feel free to view this video first: The features allows you to merge any number of Worksheets (by multiselecting) into a single joint worksheet.