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You’ve been in the game too long to have to pander like this.#Black Lives Matter is the only chant that matters until it’s not needed anymore. Do you tell your little brown sons that #All Lives Matter, too??

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Guess u forgot that sitting in ur ivory tower.”Until Long comes out and explains why she decided to use the hashtag, we can only speculate about the true intent behind her message.

But until then, I honestly feel like folks should give her the benefit of the doubt.

And yes, I get that #All Lives Matter is an attempt by mostly White folks to mock and downplay the urgency of the #Black Lives Matter movement and hashtag. And I don’t see how using the hashtag to highlight a campaign, which largely helps Black men, is a proof that Long is not only a sell-out, but that her message was meant to counteract the Black Lives Matter movement.

Honestly, I don’t understand what Nia Long did wrong by using the #All Lives Matter hashtag.

If you haven’t heard, everybody’s favorite Black movie love interest recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram.

In the selfie, Long is wearing an Innocence Project t-shirt, which features the names and years of those who found themselves wrongfully convicted.The caption for the post reads: The message certainly appears harmless and thoughtful enough.Long even included a link back to the Innocence Project’s fundraising campaign, which helps support the group’s efforts to free people who have been wrongfully incarcerated. Instead, many fans have taken to her page to express their outrage over her usage of the #ALLLives Matter hashtag.And some folks have even accused her of being selling out.More specifically one fan wrote:“whereintheworldismsfabulosity: How do you not understand why this is wrong??If all lives mattered we wouldn’t need to scream about #Black Lives.