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We had 68 convicted felons here, and over the years, we've had a half-dozen sex offenders. We had to get them out of here along with their pitbulls and dope deals.

In 2007, the HOA implemented the Tri-Star program, which brought the police, community managers and owners, and landlords and residents together to increase safety in rental units."We incorporated Tri-Star provisions, like tenant screening, into our regulations," explains Russell.

And when we started doing that, lo and behold, we went from a community known as a crime-ridden dump to the Mesa police chief giving us an award for exemplary crime prevention in the Tri-Star community in 2013.Our calls for service have dropped about 90 percent since 2007.Now we have Canadian snowbirds, retirees, and nice little families who live here."New Bill Dents Program But the Tri-Star program took a hit when the legislature passed new legislation affecting HOAs' ability to screen tenants."Arizona Senate bill 1482 was a bad bill pushed by the Arizona Association of REALTORS®," contends Russell. important; } .sphinx_search_nav { border:1px solid #ccc; background:white; color:black; position:relative; float:right; width:167px; height:22px; } .sphinx_search_nav .submitter { width:27px ! An Arizona HOA has passed new rules to restrict residency from certain convicts.

Here in Part 1, the manager of the HOA explains the whys and hows of his HOA's tactic to improve the community.In Part 2, our legal experts discuss the pros and cons of this HOA's moves.Circle Tree Takes Action The Circle Tree Owners Association in Mesa is made up of 250 condos, and it used to be a mess, says homeowner and manager David Russell."In 2007, I purchased a unit here, and I had to live here because I couldn't get any tenants in the property," he recalls."The Mesa Police Department had so many calls, they had a strategic plan just for our property," adds Russell."If somebody was murdered and one police car showed up, it had to wait for more cars before it could enter the property.There was a murder of a young girl and her unborn baby in a drug deal gone wrong.