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Six years of crippling financial crisis have sent Greek students to the streets.

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A percentage expected to be high enough to justify the article’s title.Gregory Lazos claimed further that before the economic crisis “there was not prostitution tendency among but now sell it and do it on the streets have finally something to eat. It costs €2.00 – €2.20 and has 23% Value Added Tax for having salt and spices on it. So there is one euro left to cover basic needs and extra expenses…Now some Greeks wonder, why all the Greek films of the 50’s the 60?and the early 70’s were featuring Greek women as prostitutes with the most famous one being PS At least in the sex sector Greece seems have developed into a super competitive country I wonder, how IMF’s Lagarde would comment on this and if she would support the sector’s booming withe both her thumbs up. This is really going to screw up the demographics, another unattended consequence of easy money. Wow the price of assets have really become distorted.“This message could be a scam,” Gmail says in its page explaining why it flagged the message as a “phishing scam.” Phishing is a specific type of spam email that scammers use to try to entice users to disclose bank accounts or other sensitive information." I spent last spring in Greece and it seemed richer (on average), better socially connected than anywhere in the US.

And unlike in SF I saw no homeless and nobody taking a shit on a sidewalk in a broad dayight etc (as they do in SF).

Happier people too and children playing outside at night safe and happy. Few people recognize that one of Hitler's strong motivations a to rescue the German people from the depravity that has been wrought on them.

The Weimar collapse turned Germany into the brothel of the world and destroyed the cultural order.

Hitler saw this and vowed to rescue them from the 'International Bankers' that had done this to them. While Hitler did work out financing, it was not a deep and dark spooky situation that some ultra-conspiracy people make it out to be.

There was investment from some overseas, that is true.

But the principal money master houses were absolutely not involved.