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When Max Armstead has yet another heart attack, she decides to accept his proposal and they are soon married.

She was his secretary, but on the grounds of having her fortune told by an astrologer she marries White.

Then White winds up very dead from someone tampering with his digitalis.

As Mason was White's lawyer she inherits him as an attorney and of course that's a good thing.

As Kristen Stewart, Elisabeth Moss and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have learned, the Sundance Film Festival in the mountains of Utah is the ideal destination to get away from it all and work on that career shift.

A fortune teller tells Pat Keane that she will get married but it will end tragically.

She later marries her boss Max Armstead, a client and good friend of Mason's.However, a few weeks later Max dies from an apparent case of poisoning.Pat Keane visits a fortune teller at his request who tells her among other things that she can expect both riches and romance in the near future.She will marry wearing white but it will soon be followed by funeral black.At work her boss, the affable Max Armstead, gives her a promotion and again asks her to marry him.She meanwhile has met Gordon Evans and soon begins a whirlwind romance with the handsome young man.