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The ‘concept’ behind being mysterious is about keeping things fresh and exciting, so that the relationship doesn’t become to plagued by rituals.

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Couples get too comfortable, too “familiar” and feel their spouse no longer excites them.

Most people have low standards for themselves and so let everything go because they believe that since they’ve been with their spouse for so long, they feel ‘accepted’ and loved for who they are.

A masculine man will find a feminine woman mysterious (and fascinating) just because she is her true feminine self, and he doesn’t and cannot ever live in that reality (with a few exceptions) and see the world exactly the way she does, and she is mysterious even if she doesn’t make a conscious effort to be mysterious.

We’re meant to be mysterious and fascinating to the opposite sex.

Masculine – Feminine are opposites and they attract, produce fire and create intense sexual energy because they’re opposites and these energies are meant to feed one another.

You can be mysterious simply by embodying your true self.This encompasses embracing the feminine (if you’re more feminine at your core). Anyone who is authentic,confident, real, rare, has self-respect and tends to be unique is mysterious naturally.(read my article about how to be feminine)Strategies can be used in combination with this natural tendency, and there will be a huge spark!😉 However, the women who are not mysterious are the ones who need approval from other people.They are not comfortable or strong enough to live life on their terms and to be an example/a leader.People follow leaders because they want more of what they’ve got. Have you ever met a man or a young guy who was not your normal archetype – perhaps rather physically plain from your point of view – yet you couldn’t help but find yourself drawn to him? I know when I was at College/University, there was a guy in our lecture who was really quite physically unappealing – yet one day us girls all decided at the same time that there was “something about him”.