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When David Oman Mc Kay was born on September 8, 1873, Brigham Young was the President of the Church.

He learned the virtue of hard work from his father, who was a farmer.

Faith in the gospel was ingrained in his heart by the precepts, example, and endurance he saw in his family.

To accept such a call for two or three years away from home was no easy decision to make. Circumstances thus helped to produce a maturity beyond his physical years” (Llewelyn R. Shortly before his 14th birthday he received a patriarchal blessing.

Another baby was on its way, and plans had been made to enlarge the house and furnishings. In it he was told: “Thou art in thy youth and need instruction, therefore I say unto thee, be taught of thy parents the way of life and salvation, that at an early day you may be prepared for a responsible position, for the eye of the Lord is upon thee. The Lord has a work for thee to do, in which thou shalt see much of the world, assist in gathering scattered Israel and also labor in the ministry.

The responsibilities of running the farm were too great to be left to his wife, so when David showed the letter calling him to a mission, he said: ‘Of course it is impossible for me to go.’ Jennette read the letter, looked at her husband, and said decisively: ‘Of course you must accept; you need not worry about me. It shall be thy lot to sit in council with thy brethren and preside among the people and exhort the Saints to faithfulness” (quoted in Jeanette Mc Kay Morrell, shared the following story from his childhood: “Since childhood it has been very easy for me to believe in the reality of the visions of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

What I am going to say may seem very simple to you, but to me it is a heart petal.

“When a very young child in the home of my youth, I was fearful at night.

I traced it back to a vivid dream in which two Indians came into the yard.I ran to the house for protection, and one of them shot an arrow and hit me in the back. Adding to that were the fears of mother, for when father was away with the herd or on some mission, mother would never retire without looking under the bed, so burglars or men who might enter the house and try to take advantage of mother and the young children were real to me.Only a dream, but I felt that blow, and I was very much frightened, for in the dream they entered … “Whatever the conditions, I was very much frightened.One night I could not sleep, and I fancied I heard noises around the house. I became terribly wrought in my feeling, and I decided to pray as my parents had taught me.“I thought I could pray only by getting out of bed and kneeling, and that was a terrible test.But I did finally bring myself to get out of bed and kneel and pray to God to protect mother and the family.