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Ang Tres Hermanas ay three full sisters all of which won multiple races and overall placers in different clubs PHA, PSP and RPAP (North and South races).

Ben Tan Lee gave them to me right after the race, together with a Emiel Deweerdt bird were my well known "Garuda" (Rpap-86-1815) came from.One of the Tres Hermanas, an Ace Bird winner,paired with "Garuda" line, bred my "Surigao" YB overall champ south, YB tacloban champ and 5th Surigao 1993 RPAP."Surigao" is grand dam to "Double Frisco" two times San Francisco, Leyte winner of PHA 19 and Super Set winner 1997 south YB PHA.Her dam "Frisco Girl" won solo OB San Francisco race in 1997 after being a finisher only in 1996 but her I just thoroughly explained this "Tres Hermanas" question because a lot of fanciers have been asking about it and the bloodline dates back in 1985 and until now, 20 years after, there were many reports from new fanciers that they are doing well in their lofts last"Double Frisco" PHA-96-61504 (Hen)..3 consecutive years racing in the south.She did well by winning in the superset as YB '97, then 2nd San Francisco, Leyte '98 (only 3 birds clocked YB/OB) and the third year, champion at San francisco, Leyte '99 (I think only 5 birds clocked YB/OB).

The only bird in the country that did it twice at that race point."Double Frisco" PHA-96-61504.When she won Superset in 1997, my friends told me to keep her, when she placed 2nd San Francisco 1998, they said I must retire her.On her third year in the south, they said I am crazy to risk her.ended up the champion in San francisco, Leyte '99.I just proved to my self that a healthy bird with a good bloodline can do it.I remember during a Combine Race Committee meeting (RPAP, PHA & PRPF)where I am one of the representatives, one of the prominent reps said' " a bird that clocks at San Francisco is only "tsamba" (luck/fluke) and the Combine Race should only be in Calbayog".He didn't know that by then I already had 3 birds winning at that point...