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Jan-di looks at her shaking hand and mutters that the stupid thing won’t stop.Ji-hoo takes her hand in his grasp and tells her, “It’s not stupid, so don’t scold it too much.” It’s a really sweet gesture.Ji-takes starts to play his guitar, until eventually Jan-di falls asleep on his shoulder.

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When he steps outside, he notices Jun-pyo exiting the hotel; soon afterward, Ji-hoo gets a text message from him reading, “I’m leaving first.” Alone in the hotel suite, Jae-kyung smothers her sorrows in ice cream, and who can blame her for that?

Although, if she were serious she’d be using the big spoon, is all I’m sayin’.

Jae-kyung recalls all the signs that indicate that Jun-pyo and Jan-di used to date, such as the first meeting in Macau when Jan-di admitted she’d come to see her boyfriend.

EPISODE 18 RECAP At the pool, Jun-pyo forcibly removes Jae-kyung’s arms from around his waist, but she wraps them around him again.

Jun-pyo faces her, and we can see he’s changed somewhat because his tone is almost gentle when he says, “You’ll find a guy who’s right for you.” (He tempers that by adding, “Since you’re not so ugly.”) Stubbornly, Jae-kyung insists, “I don’t want anyone else.” She asks cautiously, “Is there someone you like?

” He responds, “Yeah.” Jae-kyung just nods, so he wonders why she’s not asking about the girl.

She’s already guessed, though, and her reaction is revealing of her character — despite her straightforward personality, in this she chooses denial over facing the truth.

Jae-kyung shoves her fingers in her ears and shouts, “I don’t want to hear. Jan-di doesn’t see the rest of their conversation, because she had turned and left after witnessing their hug.

In shock, she sits alone in a daze, which is where Ji-hoo finds her.

He assesses her mood and takes her aside to a quiet corner.

In true Ji-hoo fashion, he doesn’t ask questions and waits while she sits and fidgets with nervous energy.