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For years, they enjoyed the tacit protection of the Church, An Garda Siochana and the State, as they violated scores of boys.That same year, loyalist bombs exploded in Dublin and Monaghan, killing 34 people.Within days, Garda Special Branch had the names of 10 UVF men from the Portadown-Dungannon area responsible.

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For it was, implicitly, better that the IRA campaign continue, than terrorists of any kind face their just deserts.For this is the simple truth: if the institutions of justice are maimed for one, they are maimed for all.You cannot take tiles off a roof and tell it to admit rain but not snow. City of Angels, ~ December 01, 2009 CALIFORNIA -- Franciscan friars with no medical training tested boys for "undescended testicles" at St.[2000s Unnamed people -NEW*] - "Gospel of God Church." Forced marriages. We dont force anyone in our church, but this is a disgrace that we will investigate, said John Sibanda. District Judge Sam Lindsay also ordered that Matthew Bagert, 40, remain on supervised release for three years after getting out of prison. The court was told Irwin was arrested last week and had since been stood down from his teaching job at St Aloysius College at Milson's Point on Sydney's lower north shore. Hedge was described by the trial Judge as one of the most manipulative individuals he had come across. Its an individuals choice to get married at what age she wants to. Former Vincentian brother William Stanley Irwin, 54, of Pyrmont in inner Sydney, appeared briefly in Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court on Tuesday charged with two counts of gross indecency on a male under the age of 18 in the mid-1980s. Hedge was convicted of various sexual offences including the rape of two young boys.

A senior church leader denied the allegations yesterday, but suggested child brides were acceptable in society. whitsunday au/ story/ 2009/12/01/ catholic- counsellor- assaulted- boy-court ; December 1, 2009 SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA -- A CATHOLIC brother is accused of sexually assaulting a boy he had been counselling after the youngster was molested by another man, a court has been told. Pannone Personal Injury Blog, By Molly Whittall in Abuse Cases, on Monday, October 19, 2009 UNITED KINGDOM -- Pannone LLP has been consulted in respect of possible legal action following the conviction of Bradford Vicar Peter Hedge last week. The two girls, aged 13 and 15, both claimed that the Gospel of God church forced them to get married at a young age. id= 504678 , by Bongani Fuzile, December 01, 2009 SOUTH AFRICA -- POLICE are investigating the activities of a Dimbaza-based church after two under-age members were rescued from forced marriages in the last week.[Posted by Kathy Shaw at AM, December 01, 2009] (This is the first item of Series starts: accountability. These are digests of and links to mass media and other coverage of clergy abuse. , By JASON TRAHAN / jtrahan ยง dallasnews com , ~ December 01, 2009 TEXAS -- A former Catholic priest in Grand Prairie who pleaded guilty to downloading hundreds of pornographic images of children on a church computer in 2005 was sentenced to more than four years in prison today. He will likely have to register as a sex offender for life, officials said. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at AM, December 01, 2009] [Rev. The offences were committed when he was curate at St Margaret's Church in Thornbury.Bagert, who lives in Richardson, is to report to prison on Jan. It would appear he kept the boys quiet by giving them money which was often used for drugs. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at AM, December 01, 2009] - Defying the law leads to more lawlessness.Irish Independent By KEVIN MYERS, Tuesday December 01 2009 IRELAND -- Nineteen-seventy-four, and two evil young paedophile priests, Francis Mc Carthy and Bill Carney, were unleashed into the world.