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They had their transportation paid for and many of them were given a royal dowry of 50 livres. Jean Talon, the Intendant of Quebec City, initially requested that the girls be between the ages of twelve and twenty-five.

Once the first group of royal maidens had been married off, he decided to up the requirements. The death rate was especially high in the American South, which lost approximately one in five white men of military age in the conflict.

In addition to being creepily young, Talon recommended that future candidates be limited to fetching women who excelled at chores: "All the king’s daughters sent to New France last year are married, and almost all are pregnant or have had children, a testament to the fertility of this country. It is good to have them accompanied by a certificate from their Pastor or a local judge who can vouch for their being free and marriageable."The nineteenth century ushered in a new era for mail-order brides. In her book "A generation of women became widows early.

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In these demographic circumstances, the assumption that every The dating situation was pretty dire for ladies in the South, but there were plenty of bachelors hanging out on the frontier.

By the time the Civil War broke out in 1861, "manifest destiny" had propelled thousands of male prospectors westward.

There was only one thing missing when they got there: women.

to desperate men with first-world passports promising a better life.

Even though the term was popularized in the 1980s, the long-distance marriage industry pre-dates the Reagan administration by a good three hundred years.

Contemporary mail-order brides tend to be impoverished women with limited resources, but that wasn't always the case. When the colony was founded in 1607 by the Virginia Company, it was kind of a sausage party.The vast majority of the colonists were young, single, and male.Even as late as 1650,knew they needed to up the lady quotient fast. They lured them with colonial swag and the promise of upstanding husbands.In the Spring of 1620, a "brides ship" carrying ninety marriageable women Each woman was given petticoats, caps, an apron, two pairs of shoes and six pairs of sheets." Even if women didn't fall for the eternal-bond-in-exchange-for-new-sheets ploy, the Virginia Company was pretty confident that the overwhelmingly male population would attract spinsters like a moth to a flame: “If any Maid or single Woman have a desire to go over, they will think themselves in the Golden Age, when Men paid a Dowry for their Wives; for if they be but civil and under 50 years of Age, some honest Man or other will purchase them for their Wives."Although the "marry a stranger in exchange for a better life" scenario may not seem terribly novel, these colonial brides were chosen for their "gentle birth and good character." Translation: They were middle-class English women who came of their own volition.The Virginia Company never found the vast reserves of gold and silver they were looking for, but they did make a killing in the Caribbean tobacco tradeso they sweetened the petticoat deal by promising the next shipment of brides 150 pounds of the "best leafe Tobacco." Marcia A.Zug, an Associate Professor of Law at the University of South Carolina, has written extensively on the history of mail-order "Sources describing colonial mail order brides demonstrate that these women immigrated to America for many of the same reasons as their modern counterparts, but the colonial mail order brides received a level of respect and acceptance that typically eludes contemporary mail order brides."accounted for approximately two-thirds of all female immigration into New France in the 1600s.