Shia labeouf admits dating rihanna

, the 29-year-old actor told a cashier earlier this month that they were engaged.

Another source claims he told elevator riders the same thing during his #ELEVATE project.

Mia has also been spotted sporting a diamond ring on her finger.

Working a casual look of a black vest top and plaid shirt wrapped around her waist, Kate finished off her nonchalant date attire with a pair of classic Converse All Stars.The universally loved Converse shoe is one of our favourite staples as they have serious style stamina.Year after year they continue to be one of the hardest working pieces in our wardrobes as they literally go with everything we already own!We've got them in white, blue, red, you name it, but if we had to choose a favourite black would be a strong contender.Kate's will add just the right amount of grunge to everything from denim hot pants to floral dresses so why not click right to get a pair or see our similar looks for less below? He told Ellen De Generes last week that his stint in custody felt like 'forever' after he had a restraint mask, similar to the one worn by cannibal character Hannibal Lecter in crime thriller 'Hannibal', put on him. I was there for, it felt like forever, I think 24 hours 25 hours ...

I really went all the way with it they put a Hannibal mask on me and a led jacket.It was very scary.'After being taken to the police station following his arrest while he was watched a Broadway performance of Cabaret, Shia spat on an officer, which he has now issued an apology for after admitting it was a big mistake.Since his June arrest, which occurred after he started shouting at actors in the play - which stars Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams - swearing at security guards and smoking, the 'Transformers' actor has sought treatment for an alcohol problem and insists he is now back on track.Shia pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in September but a judge ruled his plea would be dismissed and he would avoid both jail time and probation if he had treatment for another three months and stayed out of trouble for six.Shia Saide La Beouf was born in Los Angeles, California, to Shayna (Saide) and Jeffrey Craig La Beouf, and is an only child. Not one where I don't watch the entire thing all the way through. If there's anything to say about Michael: he makes entertaining films. He's precise and he's specific and he's determined; he's outrageously committed. He's always there for you; when the going gets tough, he never flinches. But he's also completely unreasonable and irrational sometimes and emotional and aggressive and demanding. [on his comments about being done with working within the studio system and them being taken out of context] I'm a fallible human being. His mother is from an Ashkenazi Jewish family, while his father has Cajun (French) ancestry. He started his career by doing stand-up comedy around places in his neighborhood, such as coffee clubs. My generation will actually be the first generation that is tamer than the one that came before it, and it will probably be poorer; less fun and less money. In my parents' generation, rebellion was pop culture. You can see it in something as simple as where their music was at and where ours is now.