Simplifymedia stuck on updating

I mostly keep these ones around because a) they’re enjoyable, and b) I keep expecting I’ll be stuck somewhere intensely boring one day and need the distraction.

Honestly, I don’t have much to say here - you either really enjoy gaming on your phone, or you don’t. Word on the street is that those little hacky but oh-so-useful tidbits known as Input Managers do not work in the upcoming Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”).

Apple has been threatening to remove support for these since Mac OS X 10.5 was announced so it’s no surprise that this day may have finally come.

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A SIMBL plugin I use all the time is Visor, developed by Nicholas Jitkoff.Visor patches Apple’s Terminal to make it available system-wide via a hotkey (ala Quake’s console window).With Visor, you hit a pre-determined keyboard shortcut and voila, a Terminal window slides into view.For anyone who owns an i Phone, one of the most common questions you hear from other i Phone folks is, “what apps do you use?” Never one to pass up the opportunity to blog (AHEM), I shall take this moment to do a quick dump of the apps I currently have installed.

I tend to delete unused applications with abandon, so these are all apps that I’ve either used recently enough to warrant keeping, or are still in that uncomfortable initial “you’re new, let’s get to know each other” phase.

No links to the i Tunes store, because I’m lazy, and because Apple put that rounded search field in i Tunes for a reason, right?

Items whose names are in red are on my home screen, so you know it’s good stuff.

I was jumping between Net News Wire and Byline for quite a while (Byline is overall better, but Net News Wire has a few very useful features like Post to Instapaper), and am giving Reeder a try.

So far, it’s quite nice, but lacks offline support, which is kind of sad-making.

I went through a short-lived burst of enthusiasm for i Phone games, but soon realize that i rarely actually play the damn things.