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moving from a console application to a Windows Event Loop) .However should you prefer IOC, you can pretty much read the remainder of the article by replacing DI with IOC.

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Also note that I have used the term Service extensively through this article.This should not be confused with Service Oriented Architectures.It simply became a lot easier to clarify the roles by identifying “Clients” and “Services” as opposed to “Client Component” and “Server Component or Supplier Component” Scenario 1 You work in an organization where you and your colleagues tend to travel a lot.This article presents a high level overview of Dependency Injection (DI).It aims to present the overall concept of Dependency Injection to the junior developer within the context of how it could be used in a variety of DI containers.

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A lot of current literature often refers to the same design pattern as either Dependency Injection or Inversion of Control.

I prefer Dependency Injection from my belief that it is a more specific name.

I can imagine many scenarios where one would find evidence of Inversion of Control, though the resultant pattern is unlikely to be focusing on resolving dependencies (e.g.