Surfer dating

We started off having some wonderful conversations on OKC back and forth.

Maybe it is because I’m finally getting my feet back into the water, or because I have matured since college (my friends can attest to how I moved quickly with all matters pertaining to dating), but I felt things moving at a pace I wasn’t totally comfortable with.Normally I’m all about “if you know, you know” when it comes to meeting someone, but I wasn’t 100% certain with Surfer Girl, and I wanted more time to get to know her.However, after a few days of great conversation, she told me she was running low on her phone data, and she gave me her number. Sure, everything on paper looked as if we would be a fantastic match, but I just wasn’t 100% sure.Bruna Surfistinha (also known Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl) is a 2011 Brazilian drama film directed by Marcus Baldini, based on the novel O Doce Veneno do Escorpião (en: The Scorpion's Sweet Poison) by Raquel Pacheco.Starring Deborah Secco and Cássio Gabus Mendes, it was shot in Paulínia and São Paulo.

As in, she wasn’t someone I actually thought would respond to me.

I saw her picture, and though she wasn’t my normal type, something inside of me told me I should message her. To be honest, I was surprised, but I was also mildly excited.

So I did, and I figured, if she responded, she responded. I was pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone, and rumor has it all the good stuff happens outside of our comfort zone.

So I figured, “Sure,” I would message back and see what happened.

According to her profile, she was a Christian, and had spent 14 years in the Phillipines on the island of Cebu as a missionary kid.

That peaked my interest, because my father was a missionary kid (which makes me a missionary grandkid), and because, as many of you know, I am OBSESSED with everything Asia. I am full-on an “egg” as they say: white on the outside, yellow on the inside.