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is reporting that the duo spent Halloween weekend together, which included a trip to the pool at Post Ranch in Big Sur.

According to the source, there was tons of giddy giggling coming from 20-year-old Taylor.

But we would be smitten too if we were able to parade a hunky older man around.

An employee even shared the “happy” and “friendly” couple’s order: Jake got Swiss chocolate chip and Taylor went with a yogurt with rainbow sprinkles. We hope Jake does something sweet to celebrate the HUGE success of “Speak Now.” Are YOU loving this new couple?The couple reportedly spent their birthdays and the holidays apart.A source tells Us Magazine that “Jake reached out to her and started all of this, but now he’s not acting as interested.He said he wasn’t feeling it anymore and was uncomfortable with all the attention they got. We told her not to move so fast with this, but she didn’t listen.” “Jake cares about her, but [the publicity] was a lot for him,” a source close to Gyllenhaal said.“He wants to keep his private life private, and that’s hard to do dating Taylor.” Sources say Swift and Gyllenhaal are “very happy” separate.

Even so, there won’t be much surprise if the brokenhearted Swift writes a song about Gyllenhaal in the future.

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Multiple sources tell me exclusively that Jake Gyllenhaal was her date that night. She was totally into him, there were close the whole time, and awkwardly cute-flirting, some undercover handholding, and I’ve been told several times, “it was more than just friends”. I’m told she looked like she was dreaming while she was there. And they’ve been seen all around New York together – brunch, shopping, what people do when they start dating.

And she’s rubbing that sh-t right up in his face, just as her new album is dropping too.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal sent the rumor mill into overdrive when they were spotted together several times in November 2010.

They reportedly also spent the Thanksgiving holiday weekend together. If these latest rumors are to be believed, there was way more bedroom drama between Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift than we ever could've imagined!