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I moved away from the area in 1995 but I still read the Express and Star online .... I never thought I'd say this but I'm getting nostalgic about the old place. You wouldn't believe how filthy my hands got counting all that money. My mom was the canteen manageress at Wellmans for years, and Martin Winn and then went to the canteen at GKN before opening her own cafe in Dangerfield Lane.

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and people sitting on couches waiting for their turn at whatever they were getting up to. men and women strolling round wearing nothing but bath towels........ We used to have a Russian cam on here that was a house of dubious activity ....... There really is nothing loike the Black Country accent. They called one foal "Little Oss." I'm looking forward to the new series of Raised by Wolves. They built a bank in Darlaston Green specially for the factories. : DWow thanks for that MD my father worked for many years at Wellmans before they shut down.