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Vintage Woodworks specializes in thousands of parts for porches from railing systems and floor boards to decorative brackets, balusters, spandrels and posts.

Creating a truly inviting porch takes time, careful planning and designing, but you will enjoy the outcome for years to come.

Vintage Woodworks has been helping porch lovers for over 30 years to create that perfect porch.

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Decorative posts and railings will flatter porches of various styles - country, colonial, Victorian, craftsman and contemporary.Porch posts, like their round porch columns, are structural and can be used on either new construction or for remodeling.Their turned porch posts (pictured at right) are available with various amounts of unturned area at their tops and bases.This allows proper installation of your choice of other Vintage Woodworks decorative porch parts.Porch balustrades (or railings) usually consist of a top rail, spindles (balusters or pickets), and a bottom rail.

Made from wood or synthetics, railing systems are available as turned, squared, or sawn. Create instant romanticism with decorative spandrels. Prominent during the Victorian architectural period, spandrels were used both on porches and in the interior of homes.Handcrafted and made from either wood or PVC, these are sure to enhance any porch.They are easy to install and create instant curb appeal!Use decorative exterior house trim like running trim and brackets as another easy way to add a decorative flair to your porch.Running trim can be used between porch posts, along your house eaves, and even in interior rooms as mouldings.Trim can be purchased in pre-determined lengths or in custom lengths depending on the specific style.