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[[email protected] yp]# make passwd Updating passwd.byname... YPBINDPROC_DOMAIN: Domain not bound Could not read ypservers map: 3 Can't bind to server which serves this domain YPPUSH: Cannot open /var/yp/yp/passwd.byname make: [passwd.byname] Error 1 (ignored) Updating passwd.byuid...This is done when setting up the NIS master server for the first time. Network Information Services (NIS) enables you to create user accounts that can be shared across all systems on your network.

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NIS clients download the necessary username and password data from the NIS server to verify each user login.An advantage of NIS is that users need to change their passwords on the NIS server only, instead of every system on the network.This makes NIS popular in computer training labs, distributed software development projects or any other situation where groups of people have to share many different computers.The disadvantages are that NIS doesn't encrypt the username and password information sent to the clients with each login and that all users have access to the encrypted passwords stored on the NIS server.A detailed analysis of NIS security is beyond the scope of this book, but I suggest that you restrict its use to highly secure networks or to networks where access to non-NIS networks is highly restricted.

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) offers similar features to NIS but has the advantage of supporting encryption without additional software and can support clients across multiple networks without the need for slave servers.

It is for this reason that LDAP has become increasingly popular for this type of application.

LDAP is discussed in more detail in Chapter 31, "Centralized Logins Using LDAP and RADIUS".

To understand the benefits of NFS, consider an example.

A school wants to set up a small computer lab for its students.

Downloading and installing RPMs isn't hard, as discussed in Chapter 6, "Installing Linux Software".