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Most of the sources listed in the 'Repositories' wiki page have such resources and features, but some do not.

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For example, it is almost certain that you will have success in rebuilding Red Hat or Cent OS packages for the same major version.You may want to look for SRPMs from other distros based on Red Hat, such as Scientific Linux, since they will tend to be compatible with the Cent OS base packages.As Red Hat (and consequently Cent OS) is partially based on a stabilized subset of Fedora, it is often possible to rebuild SRPMs from Fedora in Cent OS.One of the reasons why you may want to do this is to install a software package that is not available in Cent OS repositories.Even if the software is not available in Cent OS, you should always try to get or build a RPM for the software, since the advantages of using a package management system will compensate for the work you will have building the package.

There are considerable benefits to using a package management system to manage dependencies versus source installs.

After building packages you may want to consider setting up a local repo to simplify package management using yum or GUI tools.

First consider the burden that rebuilding a SRPM will be for you.

You will have to maintain it and rebuild it every time that security updates are available.

Before deciding to rebuild a SRPM, you should probably look for the desired package in one of the available Repositories to see if they already contain the package you seek.

Most people using repositories expect support (mailing list, fora, bug tracker, IRC channel), and an archive which issues security and feature updates on the packages it provides.