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NET Framework 2.0 beta 2 installation problem that was caused by incorrect access control list (ACL) permissions on some registry hives.In that post, I described how to use a tool in the Windows Resource Kit named Sub In ACL to reset file and registry ACLs to help solve this problem.Ever since I wrote that post, I have run into installation errors for several other products that have been solved by using the Sub In ACL tool.

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NET Framework 2.0 setup and does not always appear in search results when people run into this kind of a problem and search the Internet for assistance.

Here are some steps that can be used to download and run the Sub In ACL tool to repair file and registry permissions that are often needed to successfully install programs on Windows, particularly for MSI-based (Windows Installer) setups: Note: There are a couple of scenarios where installing or running Sub In Acl can fail.

For example, some non-English versions of Windows have the name of the Administrators group translated to another language, and the command lines listed above will fail in that case.

I have posted workarounds for the issues that I know of in this separate blog post.

Also note: Running the above command lines will cause Sub In Acl to create a log file named %temp%\subinacl_

If you see any errors reported in the cmd prompt after running Sub In Acl, you can look in this log file for more detailed information about what file(s), folder(s) or registry value(s) are causing the errors.

To open this log file, you can click on the Start menu, choose Run, type notepad %temp%\subinacl_and click OK.

When looking at this log file, you may see some errors reported with error code 5.

That error code means Access Denied, and it is typically caused by Windows or some other program running on your system that is holding files, folders or registry values in use so that Sub In Acl is unable to update the permissions for them.

Most of the time, that type of error in the Sub In Acl output can be safely ignored, but you may need to try to reboot and then manually fix the permissions for these files, folders or registry keys as a workaround.

I have found that the Sub In ACL tool is most useful when a setup package fails with error code 5 or 0x5 or 0x80070005.