Updating trainz asset database this may take several minutes

Timeout message now shows when a host unexpectedly disconnects in multiplayer.

Fixed various bits of odd behaviour when using the chatbox in multiplayer. Fixed a possible freeze in Trainz Util when updating/installing bulk assets.

Attached track now visible in driver mode for some effected assets. Fixed an issue where downloading sessions would not download their dependencies as well.

Various improvements to text input in various areas around the game.

Fixed issues with vehicle displacement/derailment in relation to new coupling system. Fixed a crash when viewing properties of "TZL Multimesh Blend" asset.

As of Mid-December, the following list provides information on the status of the core systems in T: ANE CE..

Trainz Simulator 12 GAME PATCH servicepack 1 - Download The following changes have been implemented for this Patch:- In-game Downloadable Content (Payware and Freeware).- Improved multi-player support.- Updated support for tunnels, bridges, power lines etc (splines).- Improved session workflow (rules, nesting, copying etc).- Automatic thumbnail generation for routes and sessions.- Rewritten train coupling physics.- Improved CMP error detection and validation.

Note: To take advantage of our new DLC system, this latest patch will need to be installed.

Previously purchased DLC will now automatically attempt to download and install.

If you wish to disable this feature you may do so via the in-game options menu SP1 Changelist: Fixed multiplayer clients experiencing frequent disconnects.

Fixed multiplayer decoupling not being performed correctly.

Fixed weird partial disconnect state achieved after [Save new route and session] causes the route thumbnail to disappear has been solved. Fixed many session completion issues across all builtin sessions.

Fixed bug where changing a driver removed all driver orders from a driver's schedule. Fixed an issue where sessions would remove driver schedules when changing driver details. Fixed an issue where "Edit Route" wouldn't work when run first thing from launch.

Fixed issues where PA login was incorrectly being marked as not set. Non-derailed sections of consist are no longer automatically cleaned up.