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The amount of misinformation I have heard personally on Filipina girlfriends getting US visitor’s visas is literally ASTOUNDING. The duty of Sate Department Consular Officers is to reduce or eliminate this problem.

When US politicians spit as they complain about “illegal immigrants”, they ain’t just talking about Mexicans swimming the Rio grande into Texas.I’m over 70 years of age and I have never seen such outright hate spewing all across the USA regarding “Illegals”. So as government employees, you can expect that US Consular Officers are going to be even more vigilant in 2016 and onward than they may have been in the past.A young person is usually very high risk, as they typically have no substantial ties here in the Philippines … A young, single woman is a particularly high risk, because in addition to the possible intent she will find illegal (but readily available) work in the US and fail to return, she may find a husband in the US and not even have to worry about finding a job. If the consular officer gets the idea she is trying to visit the US to meet an available man, it’s a virtual certainty the application will be denied …It occurred to me today that I hadn’t written about these issues in some time, when I opened an email from a reader here with some specific questions.Here are a few thoughts on the subject from my answer to him, along with some important source links.

This can be a very difficult subject, so be sure you go to official sources. Yes, foreigners may have a very difficult time visiting the US, depending mainly upon their nationality, age, marital status and economic means.I am assuming that you are writing about a friend in the Philippines who holds Philippine citizenship, correct? A great many problems and issues I have experience with center around the fact that many Filipinos seem “addicted” to the idea of using a ‘fixer” or some sort of “backdoor” method to get their Philippine passport.I could regal you with a dozen or more tales of woe that people have brought me over the years here that involved getting a “phony” or fraudulent Philippine passport and then getting caught. People from countries which do not have a reciprocal ‘no visa’ agreement with the US must have a visa, issued by the US State Department in their home country (no, she can’t travel to Hong Kong, let’s say, and have a US visitor visa issued there) before they can depart for the trip.The Philippines falls in that category, Filipinos must have a visa before they can board a flight to the US.You also might want to also read this page from the Embassy …always better to go to the source rather than listening to ‘what people tell you’.