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Webcams.travel is a service designed to offer users, the ability to view live web cam, of the touristic places par excellence; selected from around the world, perhaps with a view to choose the location where to spend your next holiday/vacation (or to discover new places as city).

Also it is useful for the next 2 purposes: 1) discover traffic info (street, highways and parking) 2) discover meteo/weather condition (sun, rain, snow, sea/beaches, mountains/ski).

Through this apps, you can show/filter web cam in many way (new, popular, random, nearby you, etc…), there is also a search and a bookmark feature.

In the “nearby you” view, the apps request to access to your position; due to this, you must enable geolocation functions in settings page.

If you enable it, the device it will find your position (through gps, wifi, phone network), then will uses your position to show you the webcam nearby you.

It is useful to find point of interest near you, especially so if you’re on vacation or around the world.

There are 4 level of information: 1) a scrollable list that show you all webcam in the selected category (or from a search).

2) if you click on a webcam in the list, will be opened a detail page (you have also a prev/next button).3) you can also open a scrollable sublist that shows you: all webcam nearby the webcam selected or all webcam published by the same user.4) if you click on a webcam in the sublist, will be opened a detail page (you have also a prev/next button).In every detail page, if you open the apps command bar, you have the possibility to pin the webcam (create a secondary tile on the windows start page) or add it into a bookmark list.You can open the bookmark list through the icon in the home page.If you enter in the bookmark list you can scroll the webcam, if you click on a webcam will be opened a detail page (same above).