What does xmlvalidatingreader class do

Hi just a rant, I find using tables in mediawiki is not straightforward enough. It would be a good idea I think to have a simpler way of creating them. And you are also correct, HTML tables are much easier to reason out.

Kassie , 22 October 2006 (UTC) You are thinking in proper programming thought, considering a table to be an object like that, and in that line of reasoning, you are correct, it IS an object and should be defined externally.

mediawiki tables are harder to read than HTML tables. Granted, re Structured Text tables don't allow for fancy tables, but it probably serves for 90% of the typical uses. You should first define the objects spacing, then define the object and then define the general format of the text inside this object.

The problem is that there are enough similarities between mediawiki tables and HTML tables to cause confusion among even the best of us.

The best advice I have is to just go with what is available, and deal with the hassles of setting up a mediawiki table.

I am trying to learn how to post, edit, and adjust tables in mediawiki myself, and it is tough going.

I have written a macro that exports a table from Excel into a plain text file that is suitable for cutting-n-pasting into this wiki.

I posted the source on my discussion page - you should be able to cut-n-paste this into excel's VBA IDE (alt-F11) --Don , 9 December 2006 (UTC) I have come across this problem on my own wiki that I am setting up just now.

This was the first page on wikipedia that I found which demonstrated the problem:

title=Botswana&oldid=49742070 You will see that the lines under the section titles for History and Geography run into the infobox.

If you scroll down to the sections on Labour and Defence, you will see the lines stop before they touch the thumb box.

Is there any way to prevent the lines running into the infobox?

I am having this problem on my own wiki so I can change CSS or anything required.

--81.1 , 25 April 2006 (UTC) That seems to happen to alot of the graphics on a lot more than just tables.