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Last night I was listening to an old mix CD I had made probably in tenth grade, when Anna Nalick’s song “In My Head” came on.

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Within weeks it had quickly become one of my favorite CDs and what I deemed to be the soundtrack for my life.

Hardly a day would go by where I wouldn’t listen to it at least once.

And nearly every song had some sort of meaning to it for me.

I felt like “In My Head” said everything I could ever want to say in a song, and that “Breathe (2 AM)” was my journal word-for-word.

A few years ago, I sent her a letter saying how much her music meant to me and how I was such a big fan. Anna sent me an autograph and wrote me one of the nicest cards I had ever recieved.

This pretty much only increased the magnificence of “Wreck of the Day” in my mind.Listening to it again four years later, it still rings true to my life. I finally understood what all of her songs are about, and the emotions she was conveying.It’s interesting that years later, I can still relate to every word on the record and maybe even more so now.Sure, at fifteen you can feel a few of the emotions that songs like “Wreck of the Day” , “Paper Bag”, or “Satellite” are trying to convey, but you probably won’t fully understand it until you’ve had at least one meltdown and major heartbreak. Over the years Anna has attempted to release a second album–in 2008 she released the EP “Shine” which was supposed to be the lead in to her second album. Now her music My Space hasn’t been updated or even logged into in a year.There’s no fan page on Facebook set up by her record label.There’s no official, verified Twitter where she’s keeping her fans updated.