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For those familiar with Skins season 1, I want you to consider Omari Hardwick to be the Nicholas Hoult of this show.

He is the grounding force, the clearly most talented, and perhaps the one who could teach the rest of the cast a thing or two so they can get better.

For while the story is on point with us watching James aka "Ghost" (Omari Hardwick) balance a life between being a legit businessman and gangster, those surrounding him are just good enough, though far from spectacular.

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Of course though, things weren't always this nice.Before the fancy suits, Gucci purses, and Tasha having red carpet attire, both were just working poor folk.James, under the persona "Ghost," was hustling to make money and Tasha was cool dating a thug, and still is.After all, she is a ride or die chick who may not be tested often, but when she is asked to do something there are no question but where and when?But, from what it seems, Tasha wasn't always first choice.

Said honor may belong to Angela (Lela Loren) who can be considered the one who got away.She is the self-described around the way girl who left the neighborhood, went to college, became a lawyer, and upon Ghost seeing her after 18 some odd years, despite his marriage and kids with Tasha, old feelings rise and he seems to want to explore them. Topic 2: The Business Man – James & Tommy When it comes to James, his main inspiration in life comes from his father who has passed on.His dad was a nightclub owner, as James is now as a front for his main current business.However, with the power and prestige that comes from doing legit work, it seems this is where James wishes to be.Something his close friend Tommy (Joseph Sikora) doesn't seem to fully get for more money is made dealing than with this club in which they are losing money, and because it is losing money, and the drug game is what is supporting both their lifestyles, to Tommy that should be their real focus.Thing is, James seems to be slowly distancing himself from being at the heart of the business and leaving Tommy to the drug game.