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Biographical sketches of Penn Presidents (including Acting and Interim Presidents) and historically significant aspects of University history during each administration. D., University of Pennsylvania, 1994 (12 other honorary degrees) Born 1933 in Birmingham, Alabama Died in 2013 on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts B. Amy Gutmann, President (2004-Present) Judith Rodin, President (1994-2004) Claire Muriel Mintzer Fagin, Interim President (1993-1994) Francis Sheldon Hackney, President (1981-1993) Martin Meyerson, President (1970-1981) Gaylord Probasco Harnwell, President (1953-1970) William Hagan Du Barry, Acting President, (1950-51, 1952, and 1953) Harold Edward Stassen, President (1948-1953) George William Mc Clelland, President (1944-1948) Thomas Sovereign Gates, President (1930-1944) University Leaders Pre-dating the Modern Presidency Born 1926 in New York, New York B. A., Teacher's College, Columbia University, 1951 Ph. Born 1903 in Evanston, Illinois Died 1982 in Haverford, Pennsylvania B.

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D., University of Pennsylvania, 1966 The priorities were: a) the University's quality is the strength of its faculty; b) the University must conserve its resources and protect its financial integrity; c) the University's special character is reflected in the diversity of interest and people it attracts to its community; and d) the University's scale must ensure the highest academic quality of its students and research efforts. D., University of Pennsylvania, 1953 Born 1880 in Dobbs Ferry, New York Died 1955 in Little Deer Isle, Maine B. D., University of Pennsylvania, 1931 Born 1873 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Died 1948 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ph. in the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 1893 LL. The legal assault on accused serial rapist Bill Cosby continues to intensify even as the growing army of accusers intensifies the public shaming of the 78-year-old entertainment icon.Friday could be an especially bad day for Cosby: He's being forced by one of his accusers, Judy Huth, and her unrelenting crusader-lawyer, Gloria Allred, into appearing for a deposition in Los Angeles — a deposition he has fought mightily to avoid. By pm ET, there was still no confirmation that the secret deposition had taken place, and even the usually-voluble Allred had buttoned up under court order, declining to say anything about where or when.

Although the women are expected to repeat stories they have already made public in different forums in recent months, the visuals — more than two dozen women seated together in theater-like rows in a studio — won't be good for Cosby's already battered image. Six if you count one that's been revived from 2005. 15, by Cosby accuser Renita Hill of Pittsburgh, who accuses Cosby of repeatedly drugging and sexually assaulting her in the 1980s when she was a teenager on a children's TV show he hosted in Pittsburgh.

But very little happening of late has been good for Cosby. Hill is alleging she was defamed, placed in a "false light" and emotionally distressed by statements by Cosby, his wife of 51 years, Camille Cosby, and his lawyer, Martin Singer, after Hill came forward, in a TV interview in Pittsburgh, in November 2014, to join a growing chorus of Cosby accusers with her own story.

He has denied all wrongdoing and he has not been charged with a crime, but that's about the only thing he has going for him in the current environment. Hill's is the third lawsuit against Cosby to allege defamation.

In the other cases, a group of three accusers is suing him for defamation in Massachusetts, where he lives.

Cosby had repeatedly tried to get the case dismissed but a judge refused two weeks ago to throw the case out.

Their attorney, Joseph Cammarata, has said he will seek to depose Cosby within weeks.