Who is lisa hartwell dating

If the romance between Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell didn’t seem messy enough…

Lisa mentioned the fact that she was surprised Ed married Keshia considering their history. Keshia said on her podcast she has been — and never will be — friends with Lisa Wu.

Specifically, Keshia said the following: Lisa Wu and I have never, will never, be friends.

I have no ill will for her, I don’t know her like that it was never a situation of stealing anyone’s husband. Absolutely, but I take pictures with people every day.

They were divorced many years before we even started dating and yes we live in Atlanta, it’s a small town. And if you were categorized as friends with everyone you took a picture with, would that be accurate?

I just want to say that I have no desire to continue to be a part of that lie and to continue to be part of a false made up story line that puts me in a defamatory, derogatory light and I don’t have anything more to say about that.

But my attorney will be dealing with that from a legal standpoint with TV One and that whole situation, Lisa Wu, so forth and so on.It’s very simple, no need to say my name, because I’m not a part of it.I respect her for being EJ’s mom because I love him dearly and our connection is that we’re going to have the same ex-husband and our children will be siblings, but beyond that, that’s all. Now Lisa Wu is responding to Keshia’s denial of their friendship and basically says that Keshia is thirsty for reality TV.Lisa also warns Keshia to keep her name and her child’s name out of her mouth.interview on any public platform on my private issues with any ex.I was busy trying to heal,which I advise her to do. I’ve allowed people to assume as they wish and it’s been hurtful. Not only her unborn child, but my 9 year old who can read very well. I’m not here 4 it, nor have I said 1negative thing about this situation nor her.