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In this article I am assuming you know "DNS and DHCP" fundamental functionality and that your servers that run these services are setup and running. It happens after a successful lease that the DHCP tells the DNS server like, " I have given this address to this computer" then because these servers are configured correctly the DNS server will create an A and PTR record for that specific computer. Log in your Ubuntu 14.04 computer and make sure the computer is setup to receive an IP address through DHCP.

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Now go to your DHCP server, right click the IPv4 node go to properties, DNS tab check the box that says "Dynamically update dns A and PTR records for clients that do not request updates......".If you do not want it to be server wide keep in mind you can configure this per scope, Right click the respective scope go to properties and check the same box under DNS tab. On your Ubuntu box do: $ ifup eth0 to bring up the interface.Your computer should receive an address and its DNS record is created, check your DNS server in case you want to be sure, otherwise just ping the Ubuntu box by its name from another computer "Finally, remember to change my computer and interface names to suite yours" HOPE THIS WILL HELP SOMEONE ! In fact, I think since I started doing things with Active Directory on Windows Server 2012, this stopped working because they made it more “secure”.What I wanted is this: Your DHCP server gives out an IP address.

However, so that other computers can find this new device, the DHCP server should also go update the forward and reverse lookup zones in DNS dynamically.

The end result being that if you connect a device to the network called “mainpc01”, within a few seconds of you getting an IP address, on another machine, I should be able to “ping mainpc01”On the DHCP server, at the scope level – right-click and choose Properties and click on the DNS tab: I have it set up this way because I especially wanted this for non-Windows machines.

If I hook up a Raspberry Pi or brought up a Linux machine, I didn’t want to have to go chase down the new IP address.

So, this should make it so the DHCP server sends updates to the locally-configured DNS server. Everything seemed like it should work, but it didn’t. So, I looked in the event viewer (System log) and saw this error: Well, what do you know?!

In my particular case, I have 2 domain controllers which are ALSO the DNS and DHCP servers, by the way. OK, I see the new lease in DHCP, but still no DNS update!

and choose Properties: Here you just want to make sure Dynamic updates is set to secure, ideally.