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At Skype, we’re all long-time fans of the benefits provided by ongoing group chats.Their ability to help people stay connected on a project or topic solves many of the challenges that virtual teams and remote employees can face when collaborating.Who hasn’t been stuck in a long “reply all” email chain that clogs up your inbox and seems to go back-and-forth endlessly?

Greg Bell, whose company develops software for collaboration, uses group chats extensively.

He uses scores of Skype chats for topics like product testing, specific work tips, partner communications and password protected customer support.

Business owner Jen La Flam uses group chats to discuss clients’ needs, and pulls in different experts to the chats when appropriate.

Thinking a group chat might help your business stay on top of things?

Here are a few tips to get you started: Check out the video below for a walk-through of getting started.

Use your Xbox 360 headset or Kinect sensor to chat with your friends through the Xbox 360 console, either as a party or in private conversations.

If you’re experiencing problems with chat, the Xbox Live service may be down.

Check for service alerts at Xbox Live Status or see if there's an Xbox Live service alert at the top of this page.

For other problems with Xbox Live chat, see Troubleshoot problems with Xbox Live chat on Xbox 360.

Tip Calibrating the Kinect sensor for speech and audio may improve your chat experience.

To do so, see Using the audio tuner on your Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor.