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They have the standard member slide shows, a “My Hotlist” link and lots of reasonably pretty people on their home page.They also have a pricing model that is pretty much the industry standard, which is something I dislike about most online dating sites, but it is at least not as annoying as that of match.com, for example.

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To wit: There are a number of membership options and bundled packages, including Open Club, VIP, VIP + Open Club and Regular for you cheapskates.

Figuring out what you do and do not get with each package is not rocket science, but it’s not exactly a walk in the park.

I am a big believer in ease of use, and the Worldfriends subscription model does not get good marks. First of all, unlike the ridiculous limitations at Match and the Friendfinder sites, you can at least see the email message and full profile of anyone that contacts you.

Worldfriends is not exactly a dating site; it’s a social network with a focus on connecting internationally minded people around the world.

You can use it as a way to look for romance, find a language-exchange partner or just make international friends.

If you use Geoexpat and go to the “personals” section, you are directed to the Worldfriends home page.Worldfriends runs the online dating portion of a few partner companies like Geoexpat and So one of the things you need to know about any site that you use is that the people running the site may not be the same people who run the dating platform.Just something to think about, since many people have built up a level of trust with particular web sites.Worldfriends is definitely trying to leverage that kind of goodwill.Initially, Worldfriends looks a lot like your standard dating site, but with a heavily international bent.