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" 5 parents can get to know similar souls online before forking out for a babysitter.

Do say: "Thank God for CBeebies." Don't say: "Actually, these are my nephews." 6 If you're into salsa, flamenco, tango or jive, find a partner online or at a singles dance course.

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Do say: "I love the smell of Tiger Balm in the morning." Don't say: "What's the offside rule again?

" 9 haven for dedicated foodies and gastronomes keen to dine a deux.

Do say: "Jerusalem artichokes are in season." Don't say: "Let's split an Arctic Roll for afters." 10 The classiest place by far to look for a Kindred Spirit, likely to share your hopes and dreams as well as your newspaper.

If you're a reluctant singleton and are watching in horror as Valentine's Day hurtles towards you like a bullet train, you have two choices: you can lie down on the proverbial tracks and wait to be (emotionally) annihiliated, or you can get out there and find the love of your life.

Tracking down someone who shares your passion for Zemlinsky, intermediate skiing or offshore banking before Saturday might seem tough – but thanks to the latest revolution in romance, securing a genuine soulmate has never been easier or quicker.

Forget speed dating: welcome to the esoteric world of niche dating.Whether you're into ballroom dancing, kittens or dirt bikes, there's a site out there for lonely hearts just like you.Do say: "My other car's a Massey Ferguson" Don't say: "What's that funny smell?" 2 Join select groups for civilised soirées and exclusive recitals.Do say: "I simply adore Saint-Saëns." Don't say: "Isn't that piece from the Old Spice advert? Current hot threads on the site include "Help for threatened albatrosses". " Don't say: "I'll just fire up the patio heater." 4 For all those passionate about any form of equestrianism.Do say: "I've just qualified for Hickstead." Don't say: "Have you seen Equus?